It is worn in the evening or for casual days: the suit is the outfit to adopt to be elegant for any occasion. Practice is the two-in-one garment par excellence, which is put on in the morning when you do not know what to wear or wear for a wedding or a party dressed. Between the pants, the suit and the overalls, the combination ultimately allows to adopt a multitude of looks. Fashion designers and major retailers have understood this well and have been constantly revisiting it for several seasons.

The jumpsuit, a combination of a shirt and pants, is very trendy and goes wonderfully well to women of all ages. A beautiful creation in wax loincloth can immediately give you an elegant look and perfect complement your wardrobe. You can wear it on almost any occasion; Whether it’s a day at work, on vacation or for an outing with friends!


The combination is a garment that covers the whole body since it combines, in one piece, pants and a top, which can be long-sleeved, short, tank top, strapless … It owes its origins to the overalls, this garment of work with ventral pockets and suspenders that were worn, and still carry for many of them, workers and farmers. During the Second World War, while they replace the men at the front at the factory, the women put on the blue work. At the same time, the suit becomes a garment used across multiple professions: pompists, mechanics, pilots, divers … and even astronauts.

A chic and glamorous combination

I t is therefore the new women’s tuxedo and represents a perfect alternative to the evening dress. The black jumpsuit worn with carefully chosen shoes and jewels will give a chic and sophisticated look. It can be chosen with silky and fluid materials, which accompany the movement of the legs. For the top, the bustiers and other plunging necklines bring a feminine note, even sexy and glamorous, as well as thin straps that leave bare shoulders. The body-hugging jumpsuit will be harder to wear, but will have a most resounding effect. A white jumpsuit with lace sleeves can even lend itself to an original and distinguished wedding outfit.There are no major contraindications, although I would recommend the right underwear (like leggings, remember?), Because the necklines and light fabrics of the suit leave no escape. Then red light for the briefs with double reinforced seam or bras that do not hold up. Burn the silicone straps because they are anything but transparent, especially when they become yellowish. If the suit imposes it, opt for a bandeau bra or pray every night to discover the secret to combat gravity. Reliable sources state that it is nothing but the secret of Pulcinella. But now let’s move on to the practical side, which model to buy? You can wear it in the morning to go to the office, until the evening for an aperitif. However, I would encourage you not to leave your common sense at home: if you work in a very formal environment, perhaps it is better to leave the suit in the closet for other occasions. If the dress code instead is less rigid, this does not authorize you to get to the desk with navel necklines or adhesions to envy Jessica Rabbit. The jumpsuit can also accompany you to weddings, important dinners and theater evenings. Also on the Oscar red carpet, in case you are an aspiring actress. Maybe I would avoid it at lunch to know your mother-in-law, better to opt for less sophisticated clothing.


Few words about us

To be fashionable in the summer of 2018 one must have one thing: a jumpsuit, a jumpsuit, which depending on the occasion can be combined with white sneakers, clogs or high heels, handbags, canvas bags or showy jewels. Until a few years ago, the overalls were almost forgotten, no one wore them any longer, and the word especially meant the sportswear that joined pants and sweatshirts; those who remembered them associated them with the slippery ones of the hip hop of the eighties or the sbrilluccicanti and accentienti of the discotheques of the seventies. The suits, however, have a long history started one hundred years ago and made of many returns, as happens with practically everything in the fashion world; the most interesting thing is why they now work so much, from runway catwalk shows to city streets, as Ellie Violet Bramley told the Guardian.